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Announcements of Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance (MLWSI)

Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance has lately announced seven decisions for Financial Support to companies and employees due to Coronavirus.

The five Plans are the Leave for Child Care, Sick Leave, Self Employed, Complete Suspension of the Company and Partial Suspension of the Company which were valid from 16/03/2020 to 12/4/20 and now they will be valid  from 13/04/2020 to 12.05.2020 with the following variations:

  • Include in the Plans those who started working for the first time in February and March 2020, on the condition that they will be declared by their employer in a new form (ΕΕΑ7) and their salary will be declared.
  • The minimum allowance amount of € 360 for a period of 4 weeks is applied retroactively.
  • The largest amount is paid retroactively as a special unemployment benefit and sickness benefit resulting from the comparison of the last salary and the insurance conditions of 2018.

It is noted that additional allowances have already been paid for the above changes made to the Plans which also had retroactive effect.

In addition, a new plan has been published for those who are unemployed and have exhausted their regular unemployment benefit, in February and March 2020, where a new €360 benefit will be provided under the New Plan.

On Tuesday May 5, the new electronic applications for all the Plans will be posted on the website of the Ministry,, so that it is possible for the interested parties to complete the applications electronically.


For those employees for whom it has not been possible to confirm the bank account that they declared despite the efforts made and for those who did not declare a bank account for the payment of their benefits, the issuance of checks to the beneficiaries starts on Tuesday May 5, unless there is other way paying the allownce for the plans in force from 16/03/2020 until 12/04/2020.

Finally, an extension of the deadline for the payment of contributions to the Social Insurance Fund regarding the contributions of March 2020 has been published until 14.5.20 without any charge. Payments can be made through the JCC Smart system.

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