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Can I send payslips via emails?

Yes. You have to setup outgoing email server (SMTP) settings in order to send payslips via email. Please follow the instructions of How to setup email settings.

How many employees can I have?

There is no limit on how many employees you can have. 

How many companies can I have?

There is no limit on the companies you can have.

Can I change company without closing the software?

Yes. Click the small yellow envelope on the top left side of the program. Thus, select the company you want to open.

Can I create a second payroll when I already have an active payroll?

It depends. You can are allowed to have only one payroll of the same type (Monthly, Weekly, Other). So, for instance, you are allowed creating a Monthly and a Weekly payroll at the same time. However, you are not allowed to have two Monthly payrolls active.

What is the maximum number of credits I can request?

The maximum number of credits that you can request depends on the number of employees in PayrollPlus. You cannot request credits for more than six months.

PayrollPlus experts recommend requesting credits every three months.

Can I calculate the 13th/14th salary of an employee that leaves during the year?

Yes. When a payroll is open at Earnings tab, on Other Calculations section, there is a small icon next to 13th/14th salary. Press it and it will automatically calculate the percentage of 13th/14th Salary employee is eligible.

Can I calculate Vacations Payable of an employee that leaves during the year?

Yes. When a payroll is open at Earnings tab, on Other Calculations section, on the left box enter in hours the remaining days that the employee is entitled for vacations. PayrollPlus will calculate the percentage and let you know the exact amount the employee is eligible.

Can I add/remove an employee when I have already opened the payroll?

Yes. When a payroll is open, three more tabs appear on the Main Menu (Payroll, Employments, Preferences). Select Employments tab.

To add an employee, click in the Add Employees button, select the employee you want to add, and click the Add button.

To remove an employee, select the employee you want to remove from the list on the left side. Then click the Remove button on the Main Menu.

Can I have more than one user on the program?

Yes. PayrollPlus is a multiuser software. You can have unlimited number of users. Each user can have access to different companies and with different access rights to each one. Please refer to How to add/remove users for more information.

Can I save T.D.7 and continue editing later?

Yes. Although T.D.7 Editor works independently from the PayrollPlus, and it will always start with the data available in PayrollPlus, you can export T.D.7 in .xml form in order to save it. Later on, you can import the .xml file and continue from where it was left.

Can I find the cost of employees in detail for a specific period?

Yes. From Exports section, select Period Analysis. In the excel file calculate the total amiount of earnings and the contributions to find the cost of employees.

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