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PayrollPlus is a program that provides automations of your payroll preparation and human resources management procedures based on the law and regulations of Cyprus Government. Is designed for everyday tasks, minimize HR management procedures, save time and effort in a non-core administrative procedure of your organization.

Our company since 2016 with more than fifty loyal clients and more that four hundred and fifty-five companies using the PayrollPlus.

Opening PayrollPlus

When the program starts, it will ask  for username and password. Default username and password will be provided from Codeworks Customer Support Department.

* It can be changed by the main user of the program.


Start PayrollPlus


Login to PayrollPlus

Login screen

1. Enter username and password.


Company select screen

2. A new window appears and user will have to select the company of interest.


Functions Bar

Adding/Editing Human Resources

 3. From Toolbar select Employees


Employees Details

Employees Details

4. Select Add and start entering the details of employees (Personal/Contact).


Main Information

5. Continue that process for all active employees.

*Have in mind that Identification details are mandatory in order SISnet to accept the Social Insurance Contributions.

Employment Details

Employment Details

6. Select Add and start entering the contract details of employees.


Inserting Data

7.When an employee is added in employment details the user should insert basic information about each employee (e.g earnings, alloctaion, funds, unions, taxation, custom felds, loan,vacation, other).

Start Creating Payroll

PayrollPlus has categorized the payroll in order to be simpler for the user. It is separated into Monthly payroll, Weekly payroll and Other payroll. Although it gives the option when selecting the type of payroll user is interested within the same window that the user will enter the sate of payroll.


Monthly Payroll


Monthly Payroll


Inserting Data

1. Select Home and then Monthly Payroll.

2. From the new window select only the date of payroll (last day of the month).





*The rest information will change automatically when the user presses OK.

Create New Payroll

3. Select the employees you want to be included in the payroll.

4. Press OK to begin.


5. Payroll will open and calculate all the information the user has already provided.

6. If there is any change or extra earnings for the employee simply enter the amount on the custom fields.

7. Deductions are automatically done when the payroll opens.

8. Contributions are also automatically calculated.

Payroll Deductions

Payroll Contributions

9. When Payroll is ready click Permanent Data Post button to save payroll.

Find out ore using our Manual.
What’s next?

This Quick Start Guid has given a taste of what PayrollPluss can offer and an idea of how it works. More features can be added and customize depending on the needs of each client.

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