The Tax Department, informs that the electronic submission of Individual’s Income Tax Return for the tax year 2016 is available at the Taxisnet service.


Amendment of Personal Information

On the first page in PART 1 (A to E) there is the possibility to change your personal data.

Calculation of Totals

With the choice «Calculations of TOTALS» in PARTS 6, 7, 8 for Employees the errors made during completion will be shown and after the correction of all errors the computation of Totals will appear in the appropriate fields.

Calculation of Tax

Final submission of the Return can only be made from SELF ASSESSMENT screen. Final Submission of the Return can occur ONLY if there are no errors in the return.

In the TAX COMPUTATION amounts will appear automatically based on the data that has been entered in the various PARTS of the Return. However, certain fields will appear blank and must be completed by yourselves accordance with the choices given by the Legislation e.g. widow’s pension opted to be taxed at reduced rate (code 6). As this is your self-assessment and not an imposition of tax by the Department you are entitled to change the amounts shown. The system, on choosing Final Submission in the TAX COMPUTATION, will show additional messages for errors and compulsory fields in order to assist you in your computation. Once all errors are corrected, final submission of the return can be made, without the possibility of further change.

If the choice of Final Submission is not made all changes you have made will be erased upon leaving the self-assessment.