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Accounting Interface set-up

PayrollPlus provides the user with nessecarry tools to make payroll procces easier. Vacation Bands is one of the functions that help user keep a History and track the days of Annual Leave for each employee.

From the main menu select H.R. and click on Vacations.

H.R. Main_menu

From the tool bar select Acounts.

Vacation Bands

A new window appears will  appear in your screen, Expenses Accounts-Debits and Payable Accounts- Credits. From there you will select

insert the information and give a Description (Name) on the band.

Login to PayrollPlus

From the right botttom side of the window select Accounts in order to create the Accounting codes.

A new window will appear, from there you press Add to create the Accounts. 

In the Description give a name from the Account code. In the next box it asks for  Code, enter the code as it is in the Accounting software.

Account type: it gives two options Debit or Credit, select whatever is applicable in every case.

Account category: it gives two options GeneralLedger and BusinessPartner, select whatever is applicable in every case.

GeneralLedger (explain what is it)

BusinessPartner (explain what is it)

When the codes have been successfully added user will have to go back to accounts and set a code for its category. For instance, on Expenses Accounts-Debits double click on the first line of the category selected and select the applicable code for each category.

Note that if you want to break an account code into smaller then you select each line and the code you want them to go.

PayrollPlus gives also to the user the option to preview the Accounting Journal Entry Report. From main menu select Reports, from there select Payroll and then click on the last report Accounting Journal Entry.

Find out more using our Manual.
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