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Every organization, regardless of its size, requires human resources (HR) management, either this is done by one person or by a whole department. Furthermore, payroll preparation is a majority of HR management which can get complex enough. Codeworks Ltd develops PayrollPlus to fulfil your organisation payroll management needs.

In a few words, PayrollPlus is a comprehensive payroll solution based on the Cyprus legislation. First, it will help your organisation to minimize HR management procedures. Secondly, it will automate and simplify the payroll preparation. Finally, all these can be achieved with an affordable solution, that will also minimize operating costs.

To conclude, PayrollPlus is a complete and powerful payroll solution. Also, it is fast and very easy to use, letting you save time and effort in a non core administrative procedure of your organization.

What you can do with PayrollPlus


Manage Staff

Keep your organization’s employees confidential information in a safe electronic form accessible only by authorized personnel.


Automate Calculations

Calculate the payroll amounts you need for Income Tax, Social Insurance, General Healthcare Security, Provident Fund, Medical Fund, and Unions just in a few clicks.



Eliminate effort and mistakes by integrating to popular accounting software, to your bank salary payment modules, Tax Department web application (Taxisnet) and Social Insurance Office web payment portal.


Stay Up-To-Date

Software updates automatically. Consequently, it ensures that your are always performing payroll procedures based on the latest regulations and law adjustment.


Save Time & Money

Although payroll preparations is a non-core procedure, it can consume a vast amount of time. In any case, PayrollPlus simplifies and automates the payroll procedure. As a result, you can save time and focus on more core and profit making procedures. In addition, you avoid any possible charges from outsourcing payroll.

Software Editions

Our Approach

PayrollPlus is available in two different editions. That way, it can fit any company demands without any excess costs.


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