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Does PayrollPlus support multi-companies?

Yes, PayrollPlus can support unlimited number of companies.

Also, each user can be assigned with different, as desired, privileges in each company.

How many employees can be supported by PayrollPlus?

PayrollPlus can support from one to unlimited number of employees. Any organisation regardless of its size can use the software.

Is PayrollPlus a cloud or web appication?

No, PayrollPlus is a Desktop application. It is a server-client application where database is usually stored on the server (any server that can run PostgreSQL) and application runs on the client’s desktop (Windows).

Can PayrollPlus keep records of employees' vacations?

Yes, PayrollPlus keeps records of employees’ vacations. Vacations are classified in several types as below:

  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Army Leave
  • Study Leave
  • Force Majeure Leave

Does PayrollPlus support General Healthcare System (GHS - ΓεΣΥ) / National Health Security (NHS)?

Yes, PayrollPlus will do all the payroll calculations, including the calculations of General Healthcare System (GHS – ΓεΣΥ) / National Health Security (NHS) for Health Insurance Organisation (HIO)

Is PayrollPlus a free software?

No, PayrollPlus is not a free software. We look to ensure that the price of PayrollPlus represents VALUE FOR MONEY. Please contact us for more details.

Can I have a demo version of PayrollPlus to try it before buying it?

Yes, we can provide you a fully functional version of PayrollPlus after contacting us. There will just a limit to the payrolls you will be able to create. Please do not hesitate to request a demo of the software.

Is there an Annual Maintenance agreement / charge for PayrollPlus?

Codeworks uses an alternative of Annual Maintenance. In our try to implement a fairer way to charge our clients, the annual charges of PayrollPlus is calculated on Pay-Per-Use methodology. Pay-Per-Use methodology makes this cost variable for the organisation that uses the software. Please contact us for more details.

Does PayrollPlus support multi/foreign currencies?

No, PayrollPlus supports only EURO at the moment.

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