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Email set-up

PayrollPlus can send payslips and tax forms via email. In this article it is explained how to setup email settings.

From the main menu select Edit and then click on Parameters.


Parameters window will appear. Select Email tab to configure email setting.

Sender: The name of the sender of the emails, in order for the receiver to identify who sent the email.

Sender Email: The email account that will be used by the software to send emails. 

Host: The SMTP server that will be used to send the emails.

Username: The username for the credentials that the software will use to get authorized to send the emails.

Port: SMTP port for accessing the server to send the emails.

Use SSL: Enable / disable usage of SSL / TLS for communicating with the SMTP server.


Password protect attachment: The pdf attachment of the email will be encrypted with a password, enhancing the security of the information included on the report.


Have in mind that in some cases, in order for the system settings to work, Email Administrator will have to configure further securities details on the Email Server.

Find out more using our Manual.
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