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Re-open Payroll

PayrollPlus provides the user with necessary tools to make payroll process easier. Last minute changes can happen to everyone. For that reason PayrollPlus gives user the option to re-open payroll when is needed.

Only users with Administrative or Supervising roles are allow to perform payroll re-opening.

Using the Main Menu of PayrollPlus, you can go to Edit tab. By clicking Re-Open Payroll button you can proceed to re-activate a payroll.

Select the type of payroll you want to re-open (Monthly,  Weekly, Other) and press next.

Remember, you cannot re-open a payroll if you have an active one. The software will allow you to select only the type of payroll that it can perform re-opening at.

Login to PayrollPlus

After selecting the type of payroll and pressing the Next button, PayrollPlus will present to you the payrolls available for re-opening.

Note, Payrolls that are older than 18 months, are not available for re-opening for security reasons.

Select the payroll that you want to re-open and press the Next button. Press re-open and a new window will appear in your screen, select yes. Then go back in the main menu by selecting Home to open the type of payroll that was requested to be re-opened. Thus, you will find payroll ready for edit.

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