Codeworks Ltd is releasing the new update of PayrollPlus, version 4.0.

This update release of the software includes many new features and improvements of the software. Below you can see a list of the new features available.

  • PayrollPlus now makes use of Microsoft .NET Frameworks version 4.7.1.
  • Support of Income Tax calculations based on the TD59 of the tax year 2020.
  • TD59 2019 onward modification of 1/6th allowances limitation to 1/5th.
  • New TD63 report for the tax year 2019.
  • Support of 13th / 14th Salaries calculation on termination.
  • Support of vacations payable calculation.
  • Automatic backup if desired to a predefined location (Premium Edition only)..
  • Automatic backup keeping only a specified number of backups (Premium Edition only).
  • Reports redesigned.
  • Option to keep Custom Fields default values as is or to zero their values in 13th / 14th Salaries.
  • Batch Payslip Note (Premium Edition only).
  • Enhanced User Interface.
  • Enhanced Security.

Note that this update to version 4.0 of PayrollPlus will require .NET Framework 4.7.1. If your computer does not support it, it will fail to run the software after updating.

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