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Income Tax

Deadline submitting TD7 via Taxisnet has been extended

Tax Department TD7 Form (Employer’s Return) for Tax Year 2020 submission has been extended for July 31, 2021 to September 30, 2021.

You can submit TD7 via TAXISnet website.

PayrollPlus included module TD7 Editor prepares for you the export in the XML form. XML export is prepared based on the specifications provided by the Tax Department and Taxisnet.


Preparing and submitting the TD7 is mandatory. Failing to submit it on time may result to a penalty by the Tax Department.

It is a good strategy keeping all necessary details for TD7 in PayrollPlus as soon as they become available (i.e. identification and contact details).

Please note that soon or later it will become mandatory for all the population to register to the Tax Department. As General Healthcare System (GeSY) is partially paid to Tax Department, registration to the Tax Department will also be required for that reason too. So, it is suggested consulting your employees registering at the Tax Department. As soon as you deduct taxation or GHS (GeSY) payable to the Tax Department, registration is mandatory even today.


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