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SEPA Export instructions

PayrollPlus provides the user with nessecarry tools to make payroll procces easier. To proceed with Bank payments simply follow the steps below.

When the program strats, from the main menu select Exports.

From exports menu select Payment Instructions and SEPA file will appear, click on it.

Select the month of interest and press the Export button. On the down right side user has the option to select the date that the payment should be made.

A new window will open, from were user will need to name and save the file. If the company is paying from more than one banks the software will automatically create two files.

User can recognise each file from each initials (i.e HB for Helenic Bank, BoC for Bank of Cyprus).

Some banks have specific requirments on how the title should be and it should not exceed 50 characters.

Find out more using our Manual.
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