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Request credits

PayrollPlus provides the user with the necessary tools to make payroll process easier. To proceed in the creation of payroll make sure you have the credits to Permanent Data Post.

There are two ways to request credits. The process is the same in both ways, the only difference is where to find the request button.

When the program has started, from the main menu select About or on top left side of the software select the trolley icon.

A new window will appear on your screen, from there press the button ‘Request Credits’.

Then enter the amount of credits you want to request and press ‘Send Request’ button.

On the left side of the window it is displayed the Credits movement until the last request that was made. Also user can anytime have access in the credit value of each payslip ‘Credit value’.

Login to PayrollPlus

Have in mind that you cannot request credits for more than six months.

When the request will be send, someone from our team will handle it.

Soon, user will receive an email with the credit key of the transaction ready to copy it.

After the Credit key is copied, simply paste it in the empty box and press the Add button.

Credits will be successfully added in the software. The user is now ready to start the payroll of the month!

Some email previews will not let the user to copy in preview mode, if you face an issue like that simply download the file and open it, then copy and paste it in the software.

Find out more using our Manual.
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