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TD59 Form

PayrollPlus provides users with the ability to create the Tax applications that are mandatory for the Tax department. The responsible person will have to distribute T.D 59 to all employees to complete it. Then employees should fill, sign and return back the form completed handwritten with pen as soon as posible.

The reports can be found both in Greek and English version in our webiste. All the information on how to complete the form can be found on the back side of the application.


Inserting the data: Current

When employees return the form back completed user will have to enter all the information in the program in order to be able to calculate and deduct tax when needed.

Remember Taxation should be in Auto in order PayrollPlus to be able to calculate tax.



In earning section user should fill all the information the employee has provides as incomes. The right column will show in light grey the information that have been provided to the software and are filled automatically. The boxes with white colour can be filled with additional information the employee will provide along with the application.

Deduct Tax from all earnings: User will have to enable this action if the employee have provided information that are filled in Other. That way PayrollPlus will deduct tax from all the incomes.

It is important to remember that people with extra incomes from rents should provide also the amount payed in GesY and the user should enter that amount in Other – Allowances- Contributions to G.H.S.


In Allowances section user has to enter the information the employee has provided. Then the software will calculate the tax that should be deducted, after the calculation of allowances the employee has.

The amounts that are in deeper grey are extracted automatically from the information that are already in the program.

The total amount of A7, A8, A9, A10 cannot exceed Intermediary calculation.

Remember, you are not obligeted to provide employees with any allowances if they do not hand in their T.D59.


It is important to mention that if T.D.59 is not submitted any deduction is allowed other than tax free amount and the contributions that are know to the employer.


In Taxation tab user can see in detail the tax computation and the amount that it is deducted in each scales as it is presented in the actual T.D.59 form. On the top of the screen is presented the chargeable income.

Adjust scales: If an employee used to work in another company and user does not have any information from the previous employer, can enable the Adjust scales button and the software will automatically calculate the proportional​ amount that should be deducted from the employee.

The results that the program calculates is close to the actual tax amount that should be deducted.

PayrollPlus team does not recommend the use of this button.

Inserting data: Other

In this tab user has to enter any incomes the employees has from Other sources. More specifically any incomes, Allowances or Taxation that has formed from another job. 




Other Incomes consist of the incomes an employee had from previous work that has been terminated during the year and helps user calculated the tax that should be deducted.



Payroll will calculate the amounts entered here when the button ‘Deduct Tax from all earnings’ is enabled.

When an employee has health insurance the total amount goes to Other Allowances.


In Other Taxation user can enter the amount that has already been deducted.

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