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Adding Employments

Each employee must have an employment in order to be consider as active. From Employments Details user can add or edit all the information that have to do with the contracts of employees.

Active employments are the current staff the company employs in that time. Archived employments are the ones that their contact has expired or they have left the company.

In earnings tab enter the gross salary of the employee and its working hours per month.

If the employee has Other Details (salaries) enter how many times is given an then select the payment method.

PayrollPlus is giving a suggested default number of working hours which is the analogy of a month.

In allocation user should enter the branch of each employee, the department an sub-department if there is any and the position the employee has in the company.

It is mandatory to enter Company’s’ Social Insurances Registration number in order to be able to upload the file in SISnet afterwards.



In funds complete only the fields the employee is entitlet to.

Then, select the union details were the employee is registered and enable the contributions.



Three options are available for taxation Auto, Manual and Abroad

  • Auto: Softaware will calculate automatically the taxation depending on the information user has provided.
  • Manual: Deduction of tax depends on the amount user will enter in Manual Deduction.
  • Abroad: Software calculates taxation based on the legislation of countries that are out of the EU.

From custom fields user can enter any additional Earnings, Deductions, Contributions or Other benefits employee is entitled.

  • Earnings: Add any additional earnings employee has except from salary (i.e Bonus).
  • Deductions/Contributions/Other: Add anything else employee has as extra (i.e Medical fund).



Custom Fields

If the company gives money as loan to an employee, from this section user has clear view of the loan history and monthly installments. PayrollPlus can automatically subtract the instalment or the user can do that manual.

From vacations enter the Annual Leave that company offers and can activate any other leave that employees are entitled.



From other user can create a default payslip note and also keep a memo with additional information about each employee.


Some of the information that can be common for all employees can be set as default from parameters.

Find out more using our Manual.
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